The one-stop transportation source

Nature of Operations

M.R. Fast Freight is a truckload and LTL long distance third party transportation company operating between all points in the Continental United States and Canada, as well as domestic shipments within the U.S. and Canada.

The Company

M.R. Fast Freight, a Province of Ontario incorporated company, is an independent transportation company serving the needs of North American customers.

Currently, M.R. Fast Freight offers service in both 48 and 53 foot length dry vans, refrigerated or heated trailers, flatbeds, drop decks, and double drop decks for regular and over-dimensional loads, to accommodate our clients' needs.

Sales Mix

Some of the common products transported on a regular and on-going basis include paper, rubber, steel, cotton and textiles, lumber, chemicals, machinery, packaging materials, plastics, refrigerated consumables and finished consumer goods. We strive to know as much as possible about your products and any unique characteristics of these products in order that we can ensure timely delivery without any surprises.

Our Service

M.R. Fast Freight is engaged in the business of placing loads, tendered to it by shippers, for transportation with carriers by motor vehicle, regulated by the Federal Highway Administration or Provincial Ministry's of Transportation in Canada.

M.R. Fast Freight is duly authorized to perform such services in the Unites States for compensation under a license issued to it by the Federal Highway Administration (F.H.A./I.C.C.), and in Canada under a license issued to it by the Ministry of Transportation (Ontario). M.R. Fast Freight holds an effective surety bond in both U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions; and employs only the services of motors carriers duly authorized and insured in accordance with the laws and regulations of the appropriate U.S. and Canadian federal and/or state/provincial regulatory agencies.

M.R. Fast Freight tenders shipments to carriers who hold effective cargo insurance for all loads placed for transportation with them. The benefits of such insurance insure directly to shipper. A carrier insurance summary is provided as an attachment to these terms of service.